Best known for his deft touch on the banjo, Chandler Holt performs worldwide with the highly acclaimed Americana quartet Chatham County Line.  Fans of the NC based outfit are well aware of Chandler's contributions as a lead vocalist and songwriter. Wielding his rich baritone vocal Chandler crafts songs with both depth and warmth. Whether behind guitar or banjo, Chandler presents a unique lyrical and sonic approach to his song craft.

Leaving his native North Carolina, Chandler and his family made their new home in Colorado in 2016.  "Moving to Colorado was a huge step into the unknown in my life both personally and musically.  There are so many great players out here and it stirred something in me to stick my neck out and see what contribution I could make."  Starting in 2018 Chandler began performing solo and in other incarnations.  Chandler's first solo album is due out in November of 2019.  Stay tuned for more details. 

Chandler is also a very adept instructor of the 5 string banjo.  He loves teaching both new and seasoned students to help them find the joy in playing music and performing.