All the Lastest - 4/29/18

It's been an exciting past few weeks in my little world of music.  The biggest news piece in my ever developing solo career is I'm opening a show for Chris Hillman & Herb Peterson at Swallow Hill in Denver on May 20.  Chris and Herb are both incredibly influential musicians in so many ways.  Their roots run deep in bluegrass and popular music.  One of the really interesting things about their upcoming tour is it is in support of Chris's new record 'Bidin' My Time' which was produced by Tom Petty.  Stay tuned for more info on this.

I've also booked lots of shows on the Colorado Front Range in the months of May and June.  Many of them will feature my good friend Eric Wiggs.  Eric is a tremendous player of many stringed instruments.  He is mainly known for his guitar playing but he is quite adept at the mandolin and dobro.  He's been bearing down on lots of my tunes so it's exciting to see this project come to life.  

Not to worry CCL fans, Chatham County Line has lots in the works.  We are very busy booking lots of new shows and recording and releasing new music.  I will definitely be filling folks in with details soon. 

It doesn't end here though folks.  My wife, Kyra Holt, is finishing up writing her debut novel.  I'm just a tad biased but this book is truly amazing in so many ways. She has won the prestigious Colorado Writing School's 2017 Hecla Award for fiction!!  I am so incredibly proud of her for taking this leap into the great unknown. Without letting the cat out of the bag, there will be a musical element to this project.  There is a lot of work still to be done on the creative end but there is a huge mountain to be climbed on the business end as well.  If anybody has any leads or contacts in the publishing world please contact me and I will forward them along.  

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