First Show of Cover More Ground Tour is in the books!



Thanks to everybody that came out Sunday 11/10/20 for our first show with the new trio for Cover More Ground!!  Gold Hill Inn was a perfect spot for such an occasion.  My wife, Kyra, kicked the night off with her acoustic duo Sugar Moon and played a great set.  I've been really excited to share the stage for these shows with Eric Wiggs (acoustic/electric guitar, mandolin, dobro) and Amy Shelley (drums).  It's been a fun process to try and put these tunes together with such a unique mix on instrumentation.  We have a few more shows upcoming.  Check us out at the following:

Saturday 11/16 - Swallow Hill - Denver, CO - Supporting the Steel Wheels

Thursday 11/21 - Avogadro's Number - Ft. Collins, CO w/Sugar Moon

Friday 11/22 - Soundpost Sessions (at La Vita Bells) - Longmont, CO

Tuesday 12/10 - Laughing Goat - Boulder, CO

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