Need Help Learning the 5-string Banjo?

Like you, I loved that sound and dreamed of one day playing the banjo at jams and on stage. The path to accomplishing this goal is a bit daunting without some help along the way.  

I was in your shoes over 20 years ago and still remember all the headaches and dead ends.  With zero musical background I picked up a banjo at 19, so I'm well aware of the many pitfalls in this journey.  If you are new to the banjo, or just feel like you are stuck, then I believe I can help.  

I have taught dozens of people over the past 10+ years.  It doesn't matter if you are young or old, never picked up the banjo or you're already 'purty good, I will be able to help you get results.  My only caveat is that you have to practice and do so mindfully.  You don't even need to practice for great lengths each day, you just need to be focused when you do.

I prefer teaching in person, but I have had success using Skype to teach.  Simply reach out via my Contact page and we can start a conversation about what the first steps are.  My rates are competitive and my schedule is flexible.